Why is school important – Reasons you never knew

Why is school important

We all go or went to school. Many people say it is a very important and compulsory requirement for children’s future careers. But there are some opposite opinions on this too. Like schools limiting students thinking capacity. Some want a different education system. But I think they got it a little bit wrong. Here’s why school is important. 

If no knowledge, then no civilization

As most people think, knowledge is the most important thing students get from going to school. But knowledge has different branches and school is not the only place to gain knowledge. Intuition, authority, rational induction, and empiricism are considered as the 4 sources of knowledge So how school is included in the first source (Institution) is so important. 

Schools have a syllabus created by experience educators according to the needs of higher education and professions considering children’s phycology. The knowledge you gain from adults can have much misinformation and based information. But in schools, it won’t happen. Children can’t learn everything by themselves. Teachers are trained to do that. This helps them to future their future education even though have to self-study most of the things. 

And in some cases, schools allow students to choose what they want to learn. Like you can choose music or art. When you are upgrading grade to grade options are even higher. And that is a comfort for the students and an advantage to their studies. 

Discipline to life 

Don’t confuse with the word. I didn’t mean control that is gained by requiring rules or orders to be obeyed and punishing bad behavior. I mean when one uses reason to determine the best course of action regardless of one’s desires. Some schools in some countries prefer the first type of discipline I mentioned above. But it can do no good for students other than break them psychologically. 

Discipline I meant here is freedom. It’s not about your fashion or anything. It’s about done the right thing. Schools in developed countries do this better. Having some self-made guidelines helps work efficiently and safely. No discipline can lead to death by some accident in someplace. 

Identifying and developing skills 

Skills are more valuable than knowledge sometimes. Knowledge is very common nowadays. But skills are unique. So how do schools help to identify and develop skills? 

In schools, students must study different subjects since their 1st grade. Each subject needs different skills. Teachers can identify student’s skills while dealing with their education. Students can also find them. 

There are many indoor and outdoor activities in school. Those are fountains of skills. How to do a speech, how to sing a song, inventing and a lot of skills. Creativity, Problem-Solving Critical Thinking, Leadership, Communication, Collaboration, Information, Management Adaptability. 

Critical thinkers 

Critical thinking is the skill of thinking before coming up with your own conclusion. Why is critical thinking that much important? 

Critical thinkers don’t make decisions because someone told them or based on some traditional or cultural ideas. They check the logical connections between ideas, Analyse the facts, consider data and evidence, Question whether what you are being told is true and accurate, and look at the subject from different angles and viewpoints. 

Most subjects thought in school require thinking skills. Mathematics, science, or even subjects like history. Schools have debate teams. Students can improve critical thinking even more by joining the debate team. 

Making friends 

With strong friendships, children will have a sense of belonging. It also helps to build self-esteem and developing social skills. Little kids make fights with others sometimes. With good parenting, those disappointments would improve self-control. Also, children will learn his feelings. 

School is the best place to make friends. A variety of students from various backgrounds come to a single school. A student can make a friend while daily routine or while some school activity. You can teach them how to choose good and bad friends. 

Sports and outdoor activities 

Sports and outdoor activities are the next major feature of knowledge. These activities have the potential to teach so many skills. 

There are many sports taught in schools. Football, dance, athletics, gymnastics, cricket, rounders, and swimming are some of them. Strategic thinking, analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting, and risk-taking can be highly developed by sports. 

Social skills for life 

People must deal with society so social skills are very important. Communication is important when it comes to both professional and day-to-day life. It is easy for to someone understand another one if good communication is there. 

Several social skills are needed to keep relationships whether friends, family, or life partners. Healthy relationships are very important for a happy life. 

Sports and other activities develop student’s social skills to some extent. School friendships help him or her to learn how to keep relationships. 

Equality and self-esteem

As I say previously there is a variety of students come to a school. But everyone is treated equally in the school regardless of what their background is. Not only that but students are also taught about their equal rights in society. Self-esteem is another important thing that means confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. 

Idea about future 

Little kids don’t know much about what their future will look like, what will they do in the future. But they will be able to see a clear picture of it while studying in the school. It is much better than releasing people to an unknown world. 

Schools are protecting children rights 

There are special children’s rights. Some of them are known by every people but some don’t. Schools are protecting those rights and make an educational environment for students. Students are also learning their rights. So, anyone can’t violate them. Students know what to do. 


Schools help to develop children’s skills and make them suitable for society. All of these are done with no hard effort on students. 

That’s our 10 reasons why are school important. I hope you have a better understanding now. Education is very valuable. No one can steal it from you. Stay with us for more educational articles.


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