Reasons to sue a college – Why you should sue a college and how

Reasons to sue a college

Education is a very important thing in our life. Many problems happened to world education systems during the pandemic. Now schools are starting again in many countries. But the colleges are not as before. The Covid – 19 outbreak has changed the whole system. Some students and parents don’t like it very much. They even try to sue colleges. We are here going to talk about reasons to sue a college.

Before that, we have to make a few things clear. The first one is the meaning of suing. Then we are going to fair reasons. We will tell you 4 reasons with examples and a full explanation about the situation. We want to tell you how to sue a school and many more things so read carefully.

Suing meaning

What is suing? The simple meaning of suing is to institute legal proceedings against a person or institution, typically for redress. This is more of a short word for a lawsuit. Suing may involve dispute resolution of private law issues between peoples and organizations such as individuals, non-profit organizations, or business entities.

Suing for injustice is a good thing. If you ignore them, they will do that to you or someone else. Also, other people can follow them because they saw someone doing illegal things but got no punishment. If you want to sue a person, a business entity, or an organization, you should have fair reasons. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money and time.

4 reasons to sue a college

Insufficient and over-priced online classes

When the cities are incomplete lockdowns, colleges go online as an alternative way to teach. That affects every student differently. Some students love online classes while many students hate them. No one can blame colleges for that decision because there is no other way to do it. But the problem is these educational institutes take advantage of it and introduce insufficient and over-priced online classes.

After destroying people’s regular activities, the next thing that pandemic has destroyed is the economy. Many people adopted to work from the home concept but every job can’t do at home. It is a very unfair thing to raise education fees. We can show you some examples of over-priced online classes.

We can’t specify what colleges cost more money but BMO Capital Markets found the average full-time course cost students $1,000 more per semester for its bachelor’s degree programs. Colleges say they have added technology fees to the price but even that is true prices are still higher.

Mistreating students

Forget about Covid – 19. Mistreating students is a common problem in education institutes. This can happen to individual students or sometimes all students. Mistreating is very unprofessional behavior. It harms student mental health. For your knowledge, we list several mistreating behaviors below.

  • Belittlement or humiliation
  • Negative or disparaging remarks
  • Shouting and yelling
  • Assignment for punishment
  • Threats of harm
  • Threats to fail or give a low mark
  • Immoral or unethical tasks during studies
  • Someone else took credit for the student’s work
  • Sexual harassment and mistreatment 
  • Racial, ethnic, religious, or age harassment or discrimination

Those behaviors are worth suing. We can’t make a good educational environment with mistreatment. Teachers should know the difference between teaching and mistreating. Students become emotionally distressed. That van causes suicidal behaviors among students. So stopping mistreating is like saving lives.

Civil Rights Violations

We all have civil rights. Students have some specific rights too. Speech rights, Dress codes, Immigrant rights, Disability rights, LGBT rights, and Pregnancy discrimination. Public schools shouldn’t violate any of those rights. Unfortunately, we often heard about civil rights violations in colleges. Let’s see some examples of civil rights violations before we get into the suing party.

Once we heard a long struggle of middle-school students against bullying from The Palo Alto Unified School districts. Mishandling of a middle-school student’s violated federal anti-discrimination laws and requires remedial actions. A government investigation has concluded for this case.

There are some authorities to protect student rights. ACLU is one of them. ALCU shows a good record of protecting student rights. They successfully defend the right of students to wear an anti-abortion armband and a pro-LGBT t-shirt. They even allow students to protest themselves(ACLU).

Racism and Sexism

Racism becomes a more serious problem now. We all saw terrible things done to minorities. Education is also hunted by racist people. Once at Purdue University, fliers were posted by a group called Identity Evropa. Identity Evropa is a white supremacist group. They bragged about the posters on Twitter. 

Sexism is still in colleges. Both males and females can be victims. Many female students have problems with the ‘lad culture’ in universities. Students comparing for their rights. The University of Bristol has an induction consent quiz and workshops and It works alongside Bristol Students’ Union and the Somerset and also Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support.

Treating students differently based on their race or gender is a bad thing for a civilized society. We all should understand other people and try to protect their rights. The student should be who they are not what society wants them to be. That is why racist or sexist behaviors are worth suing.

How to sue a school

If you have any of the above reasons to sue a college. You can do it by following these steps.

  1. Send the school or school district notice of intent to sue and give them 30 days(typically) to respond.
  2. Choose the correct court
  3. Hire a suitable attorney for the case
  4. Draft your complaint and summons
  5. Take your complaint to the clerk of court
  6. Receive the school’s answer

College for lawyers

If you are interested in law and want to become a lawyer here best colleges to study law in the US.

Yale University 

  • Stanford University 
  • Harvard University 
  • University of Chicago 
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Columbia University 
  • New York University 
  • University of Michigan 
  • University of Virginia 
  • Duke University 
  • Northwestern University

Final thoughts about reasons to sue a college

We say, students, never ignore injustice. To keep you and others, you have to sue your college if they are doing unfair things to you or other students. Make sure you have fair reasons to sue a college and do it following the right steps.


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