7 lessons from a pencil that no one could have imagined


We all know what a pencil is. Even young children know that is beneficial. The pencil is the most important element that helps to show the artistry of a poem, a proposed writer, an artist, any kind of author. The general opinion, however, is that a pencil can describe our ordinary public life. So there are different philosophies that a pencil has some lessons to teach us. So are there really any lessons a pencil can teach us? if so, what are the lessons from a pencil

1. Identify your mistakes and correct them.

Used to write or draw with a pencil. In general, it is a tool that is very useful and often needed by all, young and old, in our daily lives. It is normal for us as humans to make mistakes. Errors that occur when writing with a pencil or drawing can be erased using an eraser so that mistakes can be corrected in a way that no one can recognize. But in order to correct the mistakes that happen, it is important that we first identify the mistakes. This allows the craftsman to carry out his/her works successfully. Then he or she will be perfect.

Accordingly, you can ensure your success by correctly identifying and correcting the mistakes we make in our daily lives. So then you too will be able to be perfect.

2. You can easily do what you are trying to do when working under less pressure than doing something with too much pressure.


Excessive pressure on a pencil causes its tip to break when writing or drawing. Then basically you realize that you failed. When you do your job patiently without putting too much pressure on the pencil, you can easily do what you do successfully and without any stress.

This is an example we can take from it in comparison to our daily lives. That is, you may break down mentally, physically, and socially by dealing with too much stress when we do something. Then you will not be able to complete the task as you think. Then someone judges you as weak. But if you are patient with yourself when you do something, you will be able to complete the task successfully. Therefore no one can ever say that you are weak because your success is clear.

Now it can be said that the above is also a lesson we get from a pencil.

3. When the tip of a pencil is blunt or the tip is broken, sharpening the pencil can increase its usefulness.


It is a well-known fact that writing or drawing with a sharp pencil is much clearer, smoother, and more perfect than writing or drawing with a blunt pencil. By using a pencil sharpener increases the value of the pencil. It also gives you the opportunity to increase the value of the work you do. Even if the tip of a pencil is blunt due to pressure or the tip is broken, it can be sharpened and reused to make it work better.

In the same way, in our normal life, we have to face various troubles and setbacks at different times. And it is normal to be subjected to various pressures at times. In such cases, your value will be diminished as you weaken or fail. But in such difficult times, instead of breaking down, making tough decisions sharpens our lives. It is normal for our future success and difficult times to build us, responsible people. As human beings, we need polishing and sharpening to give us more value in such situations.

This is another lesson to be learned with a pencil for anyone reading this article.

4. Like all materials, a pencil has a specific purpose.

Every material is manufactured for a specific purpose. So a pencil also has a purpose. Accordingly, pencils have been developed for various purposes. Some are pencils made for drawing, some for writing, some for coloring, and some for various other purposes. Authors, artists, and other pencil workers testify that different types of pencils perform the functions assigned to them. So in that way, a pencil is created just like us humans, or humans were created to perform a task with a purpose. Everyone has a unique ability and talent. So all we have to do is identify our potential abilities and talents and develop them. That way you can use your skills to serve the whole word.

Accordingly, The fourth lesson from the pencil is above.

5. The interior may not be what it looks like on the outside.

There are a variety of pencils on the market. Some of them are painted in different colors and others are decorated with different carvings. Pretending is everyone’s art, so it’s possible to deceive others, even in appearance. These are varied to increase customer attractiveness. However, although some pencils are very beautiful on the outside, the quality of the lead on the inside is low. Others have good lead quality but are not attractive. The best quality pencils have the same quality as the exterior as well as the interior lead.

As human beings, we too must be beautiful on the inside as well as on the inside, like a pencil in the best condition. No matter how beautiful some people look, the interior is deceptive. But some people do not show it on the outside, no matter how beautiful it is on the inside. So in order to know the true nature of people, we have to associate with them in the same way that we use a pencil to confirm the status.

So I, as an author and as a normal human being, see this as another lesson to be learned with a pencil.

6. Fulfills responsibilities as long as life lasts.

When the tip of a pencil becomes blunt or broken, the pencil is sharpened. So to sharpen a pencil and its height decreases. The lower the height of a pencil, the shorter its lifespan. However, until the lead inside the pencil is gone, the pencil continues to perform its intended purpose. So we as human beings must work for our goals until the end of life, like a pencil.

Accordingly, this is also a lesson from a pencil.

7. Success is clear if there is a proper guide.


When a pencil is handled by people with experience, more valuable designs are created. Such things can only be done if the pencil is allowed to be held in one’s hand. So you too can ensure your success by pursuing your goals under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable person who knows exactly what your goals are. It also allows you to do your job well.

So this is also another lesson learned with a pencil.

Taking all of the above into account, it is possible to show that there are several lessons that can be learned in practice in our daily lives with the help of a pencil.


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