Is biology hard or is that a myth?


Biology is a major subject of natural sciences along with physics and chemistry. Its opens doors to many professions and opportunities. But is biology hard? That’s a common question raised by students who have to choose subjects for their further studies. To answer these, we must go through different opinions. Positive, negative, and neutral. 

Our interest which makes it easy or tough 

Some students find out biology is difficult some students find out mathematics is difficult. Many biology students (especially those who are new to study subjects) say biology is very hard. After listening to them you may think about giving your desire up. But don’t go for it. 

Our interest is the major thing that makes something interesting or boring. If you are already excited to study biology, then it becomes easy to have a higher chance. 

For example, there is an engineering field called biomedical engineering. It is gone along with electronic engineering. Many who do it don’t have a piece of advanced biological knowledge. They are more physical science-based. But now they are studying biology.   

Biology is the study of life. Knowing about DNA, proteins, and other chemical structures. Organism and how our bodywork is very interesting to know. Biology is not a demon to be afraid of. 

Understanding and Memorizing 

Biology is full of terms and concepts. Mathematics, physics, and even chemistry don’t have that many concepts and terms. Understanding however memorizing is not everyone’s piece of cake. Some brains cannot sustain that. It is very depressing and unsatisfying to notice you forgot all this information. 

But biology is made by physics and chemistry. If you are very good at understanding biology in a way memorizing will make it a lot easier. Knowing fundamentals is always helpful. You can build it instead of memorizing it. But if you are not good at them too you are probably doomed to have a difficult time. 

Every subject has its language. Here in biology fundamental from chemistry makes that language. Physics and a little math there too. If you know Japanese well, living in Japan is easier. If you are a pro when it comes to speaking and writing in Japanese, then you can live there like you were born there. 

The same thing goes for every subject including biology and other sciences. You come to study biology without knowing chemistry or physics enough is like you come from the USA with no knowledge about Japanese or Japan culture and try to live in Japan permanently. 

Dislike handling dead creatures and disgust about body parts 

This may look funnier, but it is a common reason for some students to dodge biology. Many people have this, but it is not a big problem to be concerned about. First, you will disgust about it, but you will get used to it with time. If you want to clear this, ask a medical student about how they experience handling dead human bodies. 

Complex structure 

Biology has a complex structure of concepts. It is divided into categories and subcategories. Connecting them is a little bit tricky. So, you must do it by yourself. Try making the concept of evolution the center of your study. Every other separate area of study should be connected to it. 

Many universities think it is well-covered in high school, but it is not in many cases. Of course, it taught but most teachers don’t have a grasp of the concept. 

Don’t have a proper idea about the subject 

Biology is how you take it. Don’t expect it to be muggy. If you think like that then it seems hard, tough, and incomprehensible. But if you have the desire to know what happens inside and around you, then it will be easier than any other thing. First, you need to do some groundwork. 

Read the subject freely like you read storybooks instead of a boring textbook, get rid of only studying your bound syllabus, carefully observe the pictures, watch videos on YouTube, try to explain the concepts to yourself and others, take help from your friends and teachers, try to build your interest in the subject. Once you can do that, you will soon find yourself spending hours in this field without getting tired. 

Amount of interaction 

If we compared the number of interactions looks at one time, to simplify greatly, physics looks at the interactions of two things at a time. Like time and velocity. chemistry looks at the interactions of two groups of things at a time. An equation of a chemical reaction is a nice example.  Organic chemistry -on the border of chemistry and biology – looks at the interactions of a few things, most notably carbon. And biology looks at the interactions of hundreds of things at once. Again, this was a simplification as a lot of physics is hard too. 

Good habits 

The key is to start good study habits now. Yes, understanding fundamentals is important but if you need to know intricate details for the exams? 

What you should do is to get through your bio classes (For example think you are a micro bio major who wants to be a microbiologist) is to turn most of the lines in your notes into questions. Then, you should go through the questions and use your notes for help if necessary. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a lot better than trying to study off your actual notes. Another thing that you should do when studying is, at the start of a study session, write everything that you can remember about the topic on a piece of paper. It will help you to pinpoint weaknesses and holes in your knowledge. 


Biology is a complex subject with a large number of terms and concepts. It looks at many interactions at one time. Students find out biology is hard because of the difficulty of memorizing things. But if you are interested in biology and you know fundamentals, you can find a way to deal with it. 

I hope this information will help you. Stay with us for more educational articles.


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