Importance of Books – A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.

Importance of Books

Mr. Walt Disney also known as the founder of Disney says once “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” Books are a major part of human civilizations. They are still a major source of information. As long as books are a major requirement for education, we must discuss the importance of books. 

Importance of books for education.

Education is like a three that branch into many subjects. However, almost every branch of education has books as a major part. Books are important to every person associate with education. Teachers need to read books for make get information to create their modules. Students should read books for their studies. Other people involved with education also read books to do their part well. 

Teachers can’t teach everything to students. Even they did it will reduce the thinking skills of the students. So students have to seld study. They need the information to improve their knowledge. Nowadays students go ahead to Google and search for what they want or watch a youtube video about that. It is ok you can get the information you want quickly. But a 1500 word long article or 10 minutes video cannot tell all. There are so many details you don’t find because you don’t know where are they. 

But authors of books include many things into their books. You can find not only what you think you want but the information you want. Teachers and lecturers usually mention textbooks in the area of syllabus they cover. You should check them out. But don’t want to limit those. You can find many other books relevant to your study.  Read them too. Every bit of knowledge is an advantage for you. So don’t miss your opportunity. 

During your course of study, you have to do many assignments, research, reports, and many tasks. Students need a lot of information for those. Internet is the easiest way to find them. But you have to refer to the sources so you should extract them from trusted sources. But cannot say for a website on the internet if it is a trusted source. Even they provided correct information, how do we decide an unfamiliar website a trusted or not. But books often give you write information. There is a rule for books but not many for websites.  

Important of books for entertainment. 

Before all these electronic devices came, books are a main way of entertainment along with plays and songs. The unique and special thing about books among other entertainment methods is that books only have sentences the story is built on our mind. We are the director of that movie. Actors and actresses are our imaginations. That place books in a higher position among other entertainments. Because we imagine the best for us according to the sentences in the book. 

Books can be divided into several categories. They are also known as genres. 

  • Fantasy 
  • Sci-Fi 
  • Mystery 
  • Thriller 
  • Romance 
  • Westerns 
  • Dystopian 
  • Contemporary 

Usually, people have a favorite category but it doesn’t matter very much. Every genre has pretty good books. You can find novels and short story collections. Besides the difference in length, there are many differences between novels and short stories. Short stories are often centered around a single character. But the story in a novel can be delivered from multiple character’s points of view.  

Some fictional characters in books are very famous. One of them is Sherlock Holmes. The detective in Baker street is the second most famous fictional character only second to Santa Clouse. Sherlock Holmes stories were written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring books are very famous mythical books. Only religious books surpass them in terms of popularity.  

Books are targeted at a specific audience sometimes. It can be an age group, gender, region, religion, and many factors. You can find all details about books on the internet. By choosing matching books for you, you can have a really good reading time. But don’t limit to frame. Discover new things daily. Also, discuss with friends about books. They will suggest you good books. 

Reading books is healthy.

You may didn’t think about it but reading is a very healthy activity. Especially for your brain. Reading increases your ability to empathize. Reading a paragraph of fiction will not achieve this but a long-time fiction reader’s ability to understand other’s feelings is higher. Researches are called this “theory of mind”. 

Books can help you to reduce stress. Stress is common in our society now. Especially among the younger generation. Students work under a stress. They have to do many works in a limited time. This stress can lead to mental health problems like depression. Don’t want to go that far when you have a great way to reduce stress. Read a book you are interested in no matter what category it is. 

This will encourage you to read books. Do you know reading books can help you live longer? Yes. Researchers found this by seeing a group of adults for 12 years. But remember you should read books frequently like 3 and ½ hours per day. Otherwise, it won’t make a significant difference. 

You can go digital. 

People think books should be printed on paper. But that is not true. E-books are a good way to reading. You cannot get the traditional experience of books. But you can do the same thing. It doesn’t matter change pages or scroll down. Reading books got some advantages too. You don’t want a cupboard or something to store books. Some readers won’t find out this as an advantage but it is.  

Audiobooks are also a good way for some people. We know people are different. So those who listening is for effectively than reading, try audiobooks. There are plenty of online stores including amazon audible to buy audiobooks. 

Now you know the importance of books. Education is interesting as it is important. Stay with us for more details.


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