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Shepherd dogs are popular around the world. They appear as family pets and working dogs, especially police and military. Dutch shepherd and German shepherd are two breeds of shepherd dogs. While you probably heard of the German shepherd, Dutch shepherd dogs are less popular in every part of the world except the Netherland. Even though these two breeds are close cousins, there are many differences between them. A fact discussion about Dutch shepherd vs German shepherd is well needed for anyone who wants to adopt one of these dogs. 

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd physical characteristic comparison 

With the shape, you can easily tell these two are related to each other. But when it comes to size and other characteristics the difference between them starts to begin. 

Characteristics  Dutch shepherd  German shepherd 
Male  Female  Male  Female 
Weight (kg)  19 – 34.5  19 – 29  30 – 40  22 – 32 
Height (cm)  52 – 62  55 – 60  60 – 65  55 – 60 


Information clearly shows that German shepherd dogs are quite larger and heavier than Dutch shepherd dogs. If you want your dog to be a bit smaller perhaps a Dutch shepherd is your shot. But even though they are smaller than GSDs they are much larger than most other dogs. 

Who looks better? 

The Dutch Shepherd is a medium-sized breed with a solid bone structure and moderate musculature. Quite smaller than cousin breeds the German or Belgian Shepherds. They are slight and slender and come in three coat types. Short hair, wire hair (rough hair), and long hair. The short hair and wire hair also has a woolly undercoat and wire hair is very dense and coarse. The long hair is straight and a bit harsh to the touch. You can tell if your dog is a Dutch shepherd by the brindle color, with a silver or golden base which all three coat types have. 

A German shepherd is a large dog. Its length to height ratio is high typically 56cm to 66cm in length. That is not a coincidence but an adaptation to strength, agility, elasticity, and long, elegant strides. You can describe a German shepherd dog by its hair which is tan and black, or red and black, is medium in length, and is shed all year round. But sometimes dogs with all-Black, all-White, liver, and blue hair can be seen. Regardless of color, they all have a double coat. It is comprised of a thick undercoat and a dense, slightly wavy, or straight outer coat. 

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd personality comparison 

The Dutch shepherd is a protector by nature. So, they are alert, intelligent, and watchful but also loyal. They are great as police or military dogs because they follow directions. They can recognize their master’s commands and once they understood them, they will follow them independently. 

Dutch shepherds are good family pets. They are kind and compassionate dogs. But they are protectors by nature. So, even in a house environment, they are always guarded to protect their family from any kind of threat they can predict. Dutch shepherds are friendly with children and other dogs. If socialized from a young age they will even tolerate other pets. 

German shepherd dogs are very brave but intelligent and loyal. Their one weakness is the inability to tolerate other dogs. Other than that, they are perfect as family dogs and working dogs. Their strength, speed, and sense are ideal for police or military dog. These child-friendly dogs tend to be happier with the time they spent with their human families. 

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd – Who is best for training

Dutch shepherds are good for beginners as they are intelligent and eager to please. They enjoy dog sports and agility training so much. But it is a bit hard to train basic obedience to them. The best training method to train Dutch shepherds is positive reinforcement (Clicker training also can be used). Scolding or admonishing them is a proven ineffective way for dutchies. 

Training German shepherd dogs is quite easy since they are intelligent enough to pick up new things quickly and easily. They tend to enjoy a game-like environment too much. The best training method is positive reinforcement. Try to convert those training sessions into a game. They love sent-based games. Don’t hesitate to give challenges to your German shepherd dog. When you got a German shepherd puppy, you need to socialize it. In that way, they learn to tolerate other pets. An unsocialized German shepherd is dangerous because it is a very strong dog. 

Who is healthy? 

Dutch shepherds behave well when they got sufficient nutrition. So, owners must consider preparing a healthy diet with premium quality dry dog food. It should be well balanced and the correct portion for medium to large size dogs. Dutch Shepherd is usually a healthy breed. Given the right food and right exercise, they will live a happy long life. But there are some genetic health conditions that Dutch shepherd dogs can be predisposed to. Those can be prevented by managing responsible breeding practices and selective breeding. That’s why you should always buy Dutch shepherds from a breeder with a reputation. 

Even though German shepherds can suffer from hereditary conditions, they are highly active athletic dogs. Exercises are compulsory for a German shepherd on daily basis. Responsible health practices for a German shepherd include a healthy diet and a great deal of exercise. Other than that, buy your dog from a breeder with a reputation for using the right health screening before breeding. 


We can compare Dutch shepherd vs German shepherd with all things mentioned above. 

Dutch Shepherd  German Shepherd 
Small and lighter than the competitor  Larger and heavier than the competitor 
Brindle color  Tan and Black 
Tolerate other dogs  Have trouble tolerating other dogs 
Good family pet and guardian  Good family pet and guardian 
Great police and military dog  Great police and military dog 
Show trouble training basic obedience  Easy training 
Intelligent  Intelligent 
Healthy breed  can suffer from hereditary conditions 
Very hard to find outside the Netherland  Popular and common dog 


So, I think we supplied the information. We save the decision for you to make. Read about KNPV Dutch Shepherd if you are interested in Dutch bloodlines. Stay with us for the knowledge.


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