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Hey, dog lovers. Here we going to explore another unique creature in the world of dogs, the apricot standard poodle. Poodle dogs are quite popular among Americans. So, what makes apricot poodles special. Why are they hard to buy and what should you consider before buying an apricot standard poodle? 

The apricot color

The Apricot is a fruit (also referred to tree) that grows on every continent except Antarctica. This fruit has an orange-yellow color skin. Color can be slightly changed for each fruit. Usually apricot is a pale yellowish-orange with #FBCEB1 as the hex code. 

A variant of the poodle dog has an apricot-colored coat. They are the topic of this article. 

The appearance of the apricot standard poodle 

An apricot poodle is appeared to be the same as other poodles, but the color of their coat is different. Common poodle dog colors are black, white, black & white, silver, and blue. But apricot poodles have an apricot coat. 


There are five basic types of poodle dogs. 

  1. Teacup poodle 
  2. Klein (Moyen) poodle 
  3. Toy poodle 
  4. Miniature poodle 
  5. Standard poodle 

Among those types, a comparison between the last three types is below. 

  Toy poodle  Miniature poodle  Standard poodle 
Height (inch)  <10  10 – 15  10< 
Weight (kg)  1.8 – 2.7  4.5 – 6.8  27 -32 

Apricot poodles are available in all three types of the table, but we are mainly focusing on standard poodles as our title suggests. 

Apricot standard poodle breed has a long curly coat that needs grooming regularly. They are very energetic and active dogs. An apricot poodle usually lives 12 to 15 years. It is higher than the average dog lifespan which is between 10 to 13 years. 

History of apricot standard poodle

In 1898 the first apricot standard poodle was recorded. The color of her coat refers to Snowden Yellow Gall at that time. She later gave birth to a red and brown colored puppy. After that, an English kennel bought the litter and manage to breed more apricot standard poodle dogs. 

Until World War II important incidents including the first apricot miniature in 1912 and the first apricot-colored poodle to win a dog show in 1929 happened. 1930 is the year apricot poodles started to spread across continents. During World War II poodle breeding was paused but started after the war ended. 

Health and Care

Standard poodle dogs are highly energetic and need exercise for more than 40 minutes per day. If a dog didn’t get enough exercise, it will be boring and show misbehaviors like reactivity, incessant barking, or chewing of furniture. 

A healthy diet is very important. Since poodle dogs tend to develop gastrointestinal issues, dog food must be chosen very wisely. Only feed high-quality dog food and take them to the vet if they show any signs of diarrhea or vomiting. 

One of the key factors to buy an apricot poodle is the color of the coat. Unfortunately, the apricot color quickly fades with UV light. If the dog spends a lot of time outside uncovered to UV light the color might turn into a lighter cream color. 

Is apricot standard poodle a rare breed

Apricot standard poodle is the rarest breed of a poodle dog. An apricot standard poodle birth needs both mother and father to carry a copy of the gene. So, the frequency of apricot poodle birth is very low than black or white poodles. 

Apricot poodle buyers need to be on waiting lists for months or sometimes years. So, if you are willing to buy one patient is the key to your success. 

Do apricot standard poodles get hip dysplasia 

Poodles can be affected by hip dysplasia. Older poodles have the highest risk of hip dysplasia but even a few months old puppies can show early signs of hip dysplasia. Owners don’t have a way to prevent this. But be extra careful while the dog does very hard exercises. 

A dog’s hip is a ball-and-socket joint. Either over or underdeveloped joint or weak holding ligaments will force the ball to dislodge. continuous repositioning of the ball will wear down the joint. 

An affected dog will show these signs. 

  • Hopping or limping on one side. 
  • Take time to get up. 
  • Don’t use your back legs to stand up. 
  • Refuse to take stairs or walk uphill 

Please keep your dog’s height and weight at the appropriate limit for the age and don’t give any strenuous exercise or training until they grew. Your carefulness can change your dog’s life. 

Is standard poodle the largest breed of poodles

Technically standard poodles are the largest and heaviest among all poodle breeds. But some dog breeders use the Royal poodle term to describe a poodle of over 15-inch height. But that is the unofficial term they are using for marketing purposes. A royal poodle is just a large standard poodle. 

How to train

Poodle dogs are easy to train because they are intelligent and love two work with their owners. They are clever in below dog sports. 

  • agility 
  • competition obedience 
  • disc dog or dock diving 

Sometimes training poodles is challenging. They have can have a weak nervous system which leads them to be quickly excited and stressed. To train them as calm companions, positive exposure to people, animals, things, and even sounds is needed. 

Apricot standard poodles as a family pet 

An apricot standard poodle will make a perfect family pet. Their intelligence helps them to understand their masters’ commands. Poodles like to cuddle. They will let you cuddle with them all night. Poodle dogs like peaceful environments. They are like to be in the center of attention. That has a negative side. When they are left alone, they can become neurotic and destructive. 


Apricot standard poodle is a dog breed with a coat that color is like apricot fruit. This rare breed is good as a family pet. But there are a few challenges you must face when raising these beautiful creatures. It is worth doing. 

I hope this information will help you. Don’t buy dogs just for color. Stay with us for more articles like this.


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