7 Things to Do in Chambersburg Pa – Tips for a Family Journey


Chambersburg Pa is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. So, it seems a number of people living around the world are travelling to this wonderful place in each year. Yet, the recent COVID 19 pandemic has become an unavoidable barrier for the travellers to see the beauty and to enjoy the cultural events of in this destination. But, still, you may plan your journey for the Chambersburg Pa to experience the views of the mountains of Pennsylvania and memorise the famous French – Indian war. So, we know, you really in need to know things to do in Chambersburg Pa with your lovely family. Hence, here are the best activities you may engage with to relish the whole period you spend in this calm and quiet destination.

4 Fantastic Things to do in Chambersburg Pa with kids! 

Yes! The family tour is basically to please your kids. Isn’t it? Thus, as the parents, you will look for ideal places, events and activities to participate with your kids. So, here are the best kid’s friendly things to do in Chambersburg Pa.

Have a nice day at Chambersburg Bike Park 

This is a crowded place situated in this lovely area which offers real relaxation for your kids. It has numerous cycling tracks to pass the wheel of happiness. And, if you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to enjoy events as well. Definitely, it will be an unforgettable memory for your kid. Further, if you are living around, this is the perfect place to train for upcoming tournaments too. 

The jump lines and perfect tracks will provide everything you need to sharpen your skills in cycling until you become an expert. So, this is a godsend for younger who engaging in cycling as a sport. The park will be open at 7 am and will function up to 5 pm. And, there are no closed days. Thus, the park is waiting to welcome you every day within the given period. 

The Cluggy’s Amusement Center 

If you are planning to celebrate a special event for kids at Chambersburg Pa, this is the perfect site. Since it has an array of kid’s friendly activities, you would be able to offer real freedom for your babies at the site. So, if you are planning to visit the Chambersburg, you should make a reservation to avoid discomforts. Thus, keep this in mind to enjoy a risk-free journey just after resolving the ongoing pandemic. The minigolf, go-kart journey and mini bowling will be funny experiences even for young children. 

The hours you can visit the place are basically 12 pm to 9 pm. But, if you visit during Fridays and Saturdays, keep in mind, the centre will open at 11 am and will function up to 10 pm. Thus, you have more hours to spend inside the centre while enjoying the recreational activities on Fridays and Saturdays.

Franklin County Historical Society 

The joy should not be always the point. So, taking some time to explore the history of Chambersburg will help your kids to fill up a page of their life experiences. Thus, do not forget to visit Historical Society to gather some knowledge about the tales, myths and real stories hidden behind those beautiful mountains. And, since there are enough sources to explore the history, it will be a fantastic journey to the past. The well organised and helpful staff is there to assist you when there are any doubts. So, it will be a perfect place to add a core value for your journey. But, make sure only to visit the place during Thursday Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Often, the place will be closed at other days.

Old Jail and Museum

This is another fantastic place to explore the history of Chambersburg. Yet, first, you should remember the opening and functioning hours of the place may change as with the seasonal factors. So, if you are visiting during the May to October months, the Old Jail is opening only at Tuesdays and Saturdays. But, it opens from Thursdays to Saturdays during all the other six months of the year. Yet, nowadays, there might have considerable alterations of this time table due to COVID 19 pandemic. Thus, better to check with official website updates before arranging the journey. 

Want to Enjoy Some Relaxed Evening with Real Wine taste? 

Yes! The Jan Zell Wines is the best place to taste a sip of wine which feels like enjoying the miracle drinking in the world. So, do not forget to get this amazing experience within your journey. It will definitely add extra pleasure for all adults. But, the staff will not forget the kid’s activities by offering the total freedom for you to enjoy the moment. And, make sure not to visit the place Mondays and Tuesdays as it closed. So, you may request for a fantastic treat with real party feeling on other days. Yet, the place will function only in evenings during weekdays and after 12 pm on Saturday and Sundays. Thus, better to keep this time frame in mind to avoid inconveniences of your day.

Visiting Jim’s Farmers Market will also be a fantastic journey for all! 

This is a nice idea if you plan to bring some fresh fruits, vegetables and meats for self-prepared dinner at Chambersburg Pa. The all the products available in the market are fresh and organic as with the farmer’s guarantee. Thus, almost all the visitors to the areas do not forget to taste at least fast foods like sandwiches, pies made by local sellers.

Visit The Capitol Theatre for Memorable Evening! 

The journey will shape and coloured only with the pleasure of all participants. That is the ultimate goal of a family trip. Isn’t it? Thus, visiting the Capitol Theatre of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania will amaze you inside an artistic feeling. Thus, we suggest this as a must-have experience for all your loved ones to enjoy the cultural entertainments in a huge theatre like Capitol.

The Outlook! 

Travelling will make a perfect individual with all practical experience in different cultural backgrounds. So, if you are willing to colour your journey to Chambersburg pa, all this information on the best and the fantastic things to do in Chambersburg Pa will help you a lot. Stay connected with us to read more about interesting tourist destinations like this. It will certainly add a new definition for your future journeys.


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