6 Reputed online degree programs in India

online degree programs in india

The online study packages have become a major learning aspect in the era. Often, this trend may expand day by day with the newest inclusions of technical growth. So, people usually used to fulfil all their higher scholarly needs through online learning. Among those reputed degrees, masters and PhD, online degree programs in India hold the number one favourite. That is why the majority of people living all around the world are fond of seeking shots to enter into such programs. Well, lets’ look at what are the factors behind this popularity and the qualitative extent of such programs through a specific review on different degrees. It is certain, this article will be a great move for your life to start the higher study goals. 

Why Online Degree Programs in India are specific? 

Here, lets’ discuss the most important fact of Indian online degrees which has influenced to take those into more popular status. So, it will be easy to compare other available online degrees with Indian scholar programs to select the best suits program for you. 

Indian Degrees are conducted by a reputed panel 

Usually, all the Indian degree programs are conducted by qualified lecturers. So, they confirm the flowing knowledge is perfect and up to date. Thus, they are guaranteed a high-quality outcome with a talented graduate. And, they are often eager in finding the PhD holders or higher qualified personnel to conduct even the masters and primary degrees. Thus, they are not hesitating even to hire the qualified panel from the other reputed countries like Australia, US and UK to provide great learning setting through online platforms. 

Has a variety of choices to go through 

Often, the primary level graduates are suffering from the absence of the masters and PhDs in their filed. We know, most of the developing Asian countries are suffering from this matter. But, travelling for scholars is also a major barrier due to financial problems. Thus, they expect a successful solution other than staying empty. 

So, online degrees in India have become the only solution for them due to the presence of the choices. It seems the government of those countries are also encouraging the students to follow such degrees. 

Affordable in Price! 

Definitely, you may wonder whether the Indian degrees are the only qualified online programmes? No! There are a lot. But, when compared to all other similar scholars, Indian degrees are affordable in price. Actually, this has become a greater relief for so-called developing countries other than the developed countries. 

Online Degree Programmes in India for Law, Computer Science and Administration 

Here are the five best-identified degree programs you may follow through online platforms. And, even though there are lots of study fields, we have selected only the below-mentioned fields as those are the most demanding and affordable programs for all applicants. 

Academic Law for Bachelors!

This study program has designed to graduates who are willing to take the credit as a law degrees holder. The program is offered by Annamalai University and it charges around 1050 INR for an academic year as admission fees. And the course is supposed to extend for thirty-six months. So, you may be able to become a graduated lawyer after completing this three-year program. But, better to check with the rules and regulation of your country before entering into the course. Since certain countries have barriers to practice in the community through the credential of online degrees, taking these precautions may save your time and money. 

Bachelor of Computer Applications 

The Amity University of India offers this degree as a great addition for students in the field of computer science. Further, the trending e-money making concept has given this program a meaningful outcome. So, the majority of young entrepreneurs seems interesting to engage with the course content as it allows easy learning at their home or work station. The accepted credits for the program are 148. Hence, it fulfils the need of the credits to accomplish a professional degree. Hence, this is a great chance for both local and international students to avail a recognised qualification through easy manners. And, since the total budget for the course is around 165000 INR, it is affordable in price too. 

Bachelor of Bussiness Administration 

With the fifty thousand plus job placement histories, this program remains in the number one place for the business administration field. It also offered by Amity University. So, it provides solutions for the advancing need for executive studies. The candidates are always admired it’s credit ranges of 125 within this short period. Since it allows the students to be a part of reputed companies after completing, it provides the same qualifications equals to institutional degrees. 

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Administration! 

Since this bachelors degree offered by Amity University, is having 92% of completion rate, it is also recorded as one of the best. So, the people who are engaging in the tourism industry can now avail the qualifications of an executive professional through this kind of online programs. 

Master of Bussiness Administration 

The program offers the chance to follow the master program in the executive sector. So, those who already have completed the bachelors’ programs can now send their applications to enrol for this Master degree. And, it is a total of 102 credit degree offered just for 106000 INR. So, the management level candidates and the fresh graduates can engage with this program by stating at their places with affordable payment scale. 

Master of Bussiness Administration from Amity 

This is a separate course offer by Amity University. It is supposed to extend up to 2 years as similar to the above program. But, it offers only about 97 credits for 250000 INR. Even though it seems this is a bit expensive program, the completion rate and the job placement percentage remains in a higher place. 

The things at last!

Online degree programs in India hold the number one place in the world when compared to its affordable payment scale and easy learning settings. And, most of the degrees from Indian universities provides easy access through online platforms. Thus, this kind of scholar programs is popular all around the country. So, it makes the opportunity to choose through similar programs. That is why it held the number one popularity among all other online bachelors, masters and PhDs. 



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